Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stupid insects

 Bah. I have gotten a bee sting. On my neck. It hurts like bloody heck. The little demon clung to my neck without me noticing, and when i tripped it freaked and stung, causing me to spaz in the middle of my fall, which probrably looked highly, highly amusing. Hearing my yelps, my mother rushed into the room, grabbed a METAL SPATULA, and swatted my neck. The poor bee was probrably thinking, What happened to all the normal people, that just cry and pout when they get a bee sting. Why do i get the loonies.?, Before it died. So, while i laid on the floor, clutching everywhere that was in pain, which was -oh yes!- EVERYWHERE, my mother decided to stomp on the dead bee on the floor.
      Ooh, isnt it funny when God gets bored?

 Annny whoo, i have decided to inform the two people following this blog that I want them to leave this pathetic blog, and go onto my fanfic. Read, Comment. PLEASE.
I have discovered an amazing twist in my story, which i shall talk about later.
(By later, i mean never.)

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