Thursday, August 11, 2011

My new blog

   You all have been terribly kind and commented and followed and said wonderful things about my new blog.
                     THANKS :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

People keep poking me...

People can be.....


What? You expected good news?

My dad has agreed to let me continue my blogs! But only on weekends. I take what i get.

This weekend we went to a wonderful little hotel, and went to the beach, and I got burned.
So I spend this week in pain, with only writing to keep me focused.

oh joy

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bad things

I am sad.
Not only am I sad. I am miserable.
I am close to tears.
Because I did a very bad thing. A VERY bad thing.
I read a sneak peek of Death Bringer
*Gasps all around the room* Yes,yes I know. And not only did this sneak peak have about 4 chapters, these measley four chapters made me crack up, shudder, and want to cry.
All in 4 chapters.
 I finally understand the Jitter Girls.
Now, not only did I read the sneak peek, I READ the sneak peek. Like I took 6 minutes to analyze every word. I have the dang thing memorized. This Sneak Peek has made me miserable, because I just remebered how pathetic my FanFic is, compared to Death Bringer.
And I have realized just how much I love Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain.
God, I cant wait for this book.


I have a bug bite on my ankle -.-

Just sad...

       Are you kidding me?
The world has turned so sad. It makes me want to sit in a corner and cry and rock and rip my hair out.

I went to CVS. I was looking at shelves. I turn left, and do you know what I see?!


Oh God no!

I saw a box. Titled...
*Drum Roll*

*Silence.* You know the best part about these wonderful glasses? They turn everything yellow.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stupid insects

 Bah. I have gotten a bee sting. On my neck. It hurts like bloody heck. The little demon clung to my neck without me noticing, and when i tripped it freaked and stung, causing me to spaz in the middle of my fall, which probrably looked highly, highly amusing. Hearing my yelps, my mother rushed into the room, grabbed a METAL SPATULA, and swatted my neck. The poor bee was probrably thinking, What happened to all the normal people, that just cry and pout when they get a bee sting. Why do i get the loonies.?, Before it died. So, while i laid on the floor, clutching everywhere that was in pain, which was -oh yes!- EVERYWHERE, my mother decided to stomp on the dead bee on the floor.
      Ooh, isnt it funny when God gets bored?

 Annny whoo, i have decided to inform the two people following this blog that I want them to leave this pathetic blog, and go onto my fanfic. Read, Comment. PLEASE.
I have discovered an amazing twist in my story, which i shall talk about later.
(By later, i mean never.)


Well this is a VERY sad post. At least, for me it is.
 So at 12:38 this morning, i was sleeping, like a NORMAL person. Then i get a call on my trashy cell, and my dad answers to tell me my original school failed a test, and hes switching schools for me. After my begs and pleads (which all ended in vain) , I check my school website to see they failed some test and they told all the parents to switch to another school. So, I need you, invisible people i like to wish are fans of my blogs, to cross your fingers and hope its to full for me to go there.
  Please! *Puppy dog eyes*

My baby Sister!

Bask in the adorableness of my baby sister (:
Huzzah! My new born sister!


So, me and my friend are off to the library to study and be good girls and such, and we decide to do our work in the little study room. So we go in, its nice, we put our Laptop down, we take out our books, and we start studying. About 5 minutes later a little old lady with an unfortunate nose sticks her head in and asks ,"Do you mind if someone joins you?" Me and briana, being the kind, amazing people we are say we dont mind, and we keep working. Then, A man walks in, and Briana looks, and the man sits down. Its quiet for six seconds, when the man takes out his phone and starts talking as LOUDLY as POSSIBLE. Me and Briana look at each other, stifle our giggles, and Briana lets out a *Ahem* The man seems to take that as que for even LOUDER TALKING. And, to add it all up, hes speaking. *Wait for it* Japanese. So Briana gets upset, and starts mimicking him. So im dying of laughter while Brianas speaking gibberish as loud as possible, and the Japanese man is speaking louder, oblivious to Briana.
  Needless to say, we didnt get that much studying done.

Skulduggery Anime :D


Harry Potter

I have decided to stop reading the Harry potter books over and over agian, to dedicate most of my reading to Skulduggery :D