Thursday, July 28, 2011


So, me and my friend are off to the library to study and be good girls and such, and we decide to do our work in the little study room. So we go in, its nice, we put our Laptop down, we take out our books, and we start studying. About 5 minutes later a little old lady with an unfortunate nose sticks her head in and asks ,"Do you mind if someone joins you?" Me and briana, being the kind, amazing people we are say we dont mind, and we keep working. Then, A man walks in, and Briana looks, and the man sits down. Its quiet for six seconds, when the man takes out his phone and starts talking as LOUDLY as POSSIBLE. Me and Briana look at each other, stifle our giggles, and Briana lets out a *Ahem* The man seems to take that as que for even LOUDER TALKING. And, to add it all up, hes speaking. *Wait for it* Japanese. So Briana gets upset, and starts mimicking him. So im dying of laughter while Brianas speaking gibberish as loud as possible, and the Japanese man is speaking louder, oblivious to Briana.
  Needless to say, we didnt get that much studying done.