Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well this is a VERY sad post. At least, for me it is.
 So at 12:38 this morning, i was sleeping, like a NORMAL person. Then i get a call on my trashy cell, and my dad answers to tell me my original school failed a test, and hes switching schools for me. After my begs and pleads (which all ended in vain) , I check my school website to see they failed some test and they told all the parents to switch to another school. So, I need you, invisible people i like to wish are fans of my blogs, to cross your fingers and hope its to full for me to go there.
  Please! *Puppy dog eyes*


  1. Heeeeeeeey! I'm not invisible!

    (And I know what it's like to switch schools. Don't worry. There's always a insane group of children alike yourself who will be your friends. OR, you'll meet a rabid squirrel thats back for revenge, all the way from the old school. I have NIGHTMARES about those creepy beasts)

  2. Really? I have nightmares about Rotten Lucifer Marshmellows eating my Toes

  3. Marsh mellows? Once had a nightmare about that. We were running from Lions, I jumped off a cliff, and I landed on a giant marshmallow with a face.